The Maillet Family

We would like to send you a message to say thank you. Our family – including my father, brother and me – was going through a difficult time with the loss of my mother. We were also trying to support our father who had lost his loving wife of over 50 years.

We were so unsure about how we would properly honour her in a way she deserved. Being raised Catholic, we could have gone a typical way by going with a priest – and we are sure that would have be great. But we discussed has a family that we wanted something more to honour her great life and also to show her how much we loved her. We were very fortunate to have gotten your name from Frenette Funeral Home.

After calling you, we did not know what to expect. You adjusted your schedule automatically to ensure it was good for us, and right away you made us feel comfortable. Your main focus was to honour our mother in the best way possible.

We met you and you clearly indicated that you would honour her in any way that we wanted to. You asked many questions and we all understood that you were trying to know her to the best of your ability through our discussion. You made us feel very comfortable and you were very interested in knowing her – and it showed. You were very engaged – and once you left, we all looked at each other and we knew that this was the best decision we could have made to honour her.

The day of her celebration of life, we were surprised how many people showed up to pay their respects. Once it began, you seemed very calm and you did an amazing job to honour her like we could not imagine.

After the event and days and weeks after, we had nothing but compliments on how amazing this was to celebrate someone we loved dearly. I still have people asking me who you were – and we are happy to pass along your name as you did an amazing job, and we are truly grateful how you represented her. As a family, we were extremely satisfied and want to thank you for the amazing job you did.

Thank you so much, Monette. We truly feel we made the right decision by asking you to honour our loved one.

Celebration location: Frenette’s Funeral Home, Shediac

Darlene Brydges and Family

Prior to meeting you, I had never experienced a celebration of life for the loss of a loved one. I had only ever experienced a “traditional funeral”.

When we sat down and talked about Mom and her life, you made me feel so comfortable and eased my pain. You helped me bring forward all of her talents, funny stories and Mom’s life journey. I wanted the day to be about Mom, telling her life story – and you succeeded 200%.

Our family and friends have never experienced such a beautiful day. Even though we were sad, it brought joy to see you honouring Mom by telling her story so eloquently and with love and kindness. Also, going above and beyond singing Amazing Grace in your beautiful angelic voice.

People who attended the ceremony are still commenting on how beautiful it was and how warm and wonderful you were. You took time with me to get to know who Mom was before telling her life story, which was so appreciated.

We were also touched by you having 75 handwritten recipe cards created for guests with one of Mom’s favourite recipes as a keepsake and attaching a button to the card to reflect her sewing talents. That was truly unique and allows Mom always to be remembered when her yummy “Eat More Bars” are made.

Monette, you are an amazing life celebrant and an amazing person and I will always remember how you honoured my Mom. I am so grateful to you.

Please keep sharing your amazing gifts with others!


Celebration location: Frenette’s Funeral Home, Shediac

Liette LeBlanc-Brewer

My mom and I feel very grateful to have had Monette as our celebrant, a celebration of life for my dad was the best way to honour him. Family, friends, co-workers were able to hear/feel how great of a husband/father (grandpa) and friend he was to so many. By sharing some of life’s precious moments, we were able to relate and have a glimpse of who my dad truly was and in return felt the love from the people that attended. Monette is a great listener and deliverer. All is done with love and dignity and she can help celebrate the good moments of your loved one.


Celebration location: Royal Oaks Golf Club, Moncton

Debbie Melanson

The ceremony to honour my mom was memorable, simple yet warm, just as she would have wanted. She was a very humble lady who had decided not to have a viewing or traditional funeral service.

During the ceremony, family members were very touched when you invited them to share anecdotes about my mom. We laughed and cried together. I have received many excellent comments regarding the celebration. Afterwards, we spent a beautiful afternoon sharing wonderful memories about her.

I truly appreciated your calm approach, sincerity, empathy, sensitivity, as well as the small moments of humour when you spoke about my mother’s habits.

Her passing was a very difficult time however, for me, this celebration helped me move on in my grieving process.

I am convinced that my mom was also touched from above by this beautiful tribute.

I could not have chosen a better celebrant.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Celebration location: Debbie’s home, Dieppe

Adèle and Jacques

Dear Monette,

Your warm welcome and your service were of great help to us during this difficult time. You managed to deliver a message full of good memories and love during the last tribute to my mother. Your songs were very touching and your smile was contagious.
With appreciation,

Adèle and Jacques