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Monette Gould, funeral celebrant

About Monette​

I am a fluently bilingual funeral celebrant who became certified in April 2019 by the Insight Institute based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. After singing at funeral services for the past 40 years, I realized that changes are happening in our society regarding these celebrations. People are seeking a more personal approach.

In addition to my role as a certified celebrant…

We would like to send you a message to say thank you. Our family – including my father, brother and me – was going through a difficult time with the loss of my mother. We were also trying to support our father who had lost his loving wife of over 50 years. We were…

The Maillet Family

Celebration location:
Frenette’s Funeral Home, Shediac

My mom and I feel very grateful to have had Monette as our celebrant, a celebration of life for my dad was the best way to honour him. Family, friends, co-workers were able to hear/feel how great of a husband/father (grandpa) and friend he was to so many. By sharing some of life’s…

Liette LeBlanc-Brewer

Celebration location:
Royal Oaks Golf Club, Moncton

Prior to meeting you, I had never experienced a celebration of life for the loss of a loved one. I had only ever experienced a “traditional funeral”.

When we sat down and talked about Mom and her life, you made me feel so comfortable and eased my pain…

Darlene Brydges & Family

Celebration location:
Frenette’s Funeral Home, Shediac

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely. I am familiar with the funeral homes in the area and many of the clergy.

Yes. Every funeral is different. My intention is to honour your loved one and be authentic to their memory. I am committed to working with everyone who requires my services.

Yes. Everyone deserves a final farewell. I will work with you to make it special for your family regardless of circumstances. I offer my services in a non-judgmental atmosphere and do not discriminate.

I will be happy to arrange for singers, musicians, recorded music, etc. This can be discussed when making the arrangements.

Yes, we can discuss this while making arrangements. Options can include jewelry and keepsakes that contain your loved one’s ashes, as well as life-casting of hands, faces, etc.

While traditional caskets and urns are available through funeral homes, I do offer unique biodegradable urns that grow into trees in the years following burial. Please note that these urns are not necessarily suitable for all cemeteries.

If you have any questions that are not covered above or would like more information on specific services and products, please do not hesitate to contact me.    Contact Me


Everyone has a story and it must be shared! Using my creative storytelling, my objective is to help you celebrate your loved one’s...

How I can help

I can help the healing process begin by listening as you share your memories of this special person. I also encourage you in allowing me to invite children..

How to work with me

To discuss your needs, please call me at 506.851.1368 and leave a message if necessary. I will return your call as soon as possible...​

Contact me!

In the event of a passing of a loved one, please call me and leave a message if necessary. I will return your call as soon as possible.