Everyone has a story and it must be shared! Using my creative storytelling, my objective is to help you celebrate your loved one’s life in a way that will truly honour their legacy and begin the healing process.

Today, we often see “no visitation or funeral” written in obituaries. At times, it is the request of the deceased. They do not want to cause any trouble or expenses for their family members, may not be religious or spiritual or simply do not feel worthy of a celebration or service.

Without a service to honour them, the person may seem to simply disappear without a gathering where they are remembered for their contribution to many lives. Friends are often left wondering if they should even bring up their name. For many families – although they mean well by respecting their loved one’s wishes – the grieving continues without a final farewell.

It is vitally important for people to have the opportunity to honour their loved ones one last time at a celebration – no matter how simple or elaborate – surrounded by family and friends. These celebrations are an essential part of the grieving process.

I encourage you to gather and celebrate the person who has made an impact on your life. As living, feeling, emotional beings, they deserve to be honoured. The lack of a funeral – or “celebration of life” – often causes even more pain.

How I can help​

I can help the healing process begin by listening as you share your memories of this special person. I also encourage you in allowing me to invite children to participate in the meeting as well as the celebration.

If desired, these life celebrations can be performed in full cooperation with the funeral home and/or clergy. Celebrations will be planned with the full cooperation and involvement of the family and may be held at a location of your choice. Did your loved one enjoy spending time at a special place? The celebrations can be held at the funeral home, a church or chapel (with permission), private home, community hall, hotel, restaurant, golf club, outside (beach, forest, field, boat, etc.) or elsewhere.

In addition to family and friends, children are welcome and encouraged to participate in these celebrations since they also need to grieve – and this celebration can be their final offering to their loved one.

While working with you, I will perform the service based on your personal wishes. These services can contain religious aspects such as readings, prayers or hymns or be completely secular (non-religious, non-spiritual). The purpose is to properly honour your loved one by letting their story shine through.

At your request, I will be happy to organize mementos and keepsakes, and add personal touches to create a very special celebration. Your loved one’s favourite music can also be part of the celebration.

My services are available to everyone. I do not discriminate based on gender, age, social status, sexual orientation, race, religion or spiritual beliefs (or non-belief). I conduct these celebrations in a non-judgmental atmosphere regardless of the circumstance or cause of death, family situation, your loved one’s life choices, etc.

If you have any questions that are not covered above or would like more information on specific services and products, please do not hesitate to contact me.

How to work with me

To discuss your needs, please call me at 506.851.1368 and leave a message if necessary. I will return your call as soon as possible. You can also ask your funeral home to contact me directly. 

Please note that it is not necessary to wait until the time of death to contact me. I would be pleased to make pre-arrangements for individuals in palliative care, hospice, nursing homes – or anyone else who would like to do so.


Fees are based on your needs and the complexity of the celebration. Terms will be discussed when making the arrangements.